Turnkey Service Builder ++

Our job is to offer you a complete, no-holds-barred real estate construction service and much more...

Real Estate Nosy Be will be your single point of contact for:

✅Advise you on your dream project.
✅Find the right land for your project.
✅Carry out all administrative tasks related to your property.
✅Provide tax advice based on your profile.
✅Draw up 2D and 3D plans.
✅Manage all stages of your construction.
(Drawing up estimates, managing the purchase and transport of materials, finding a site manager, managing workers, etc.).
✅Recruit your household staff.
✅Rent out your property.
✅Set up rental management.
✅Recruit and manage staff all year round.
(Caretaker, gardener, cleaner, cook, driver)➡️ 

We're the only ones on Nosy Be to offer this unique turnkey service:

From the design of your project to its rental.

(or self-occupied or mixed).

We have the experience and the commitment to excellence,

we manage several properties in France as well as companies in Canada, the USA and France.

From start to finish, you'll have just 2 people to talk to,

who work together to manage every stage of your project.

For us, every project is unique

and should satisfy you in its realization.

We work with a limited number of projects.➡️ 

Why we build turnkey ++ homes

Because a good project and/or investment is the sum of good choices

right from the start, and then every step of the way,

if we were to take over a project or renovation,

we wouldn't have 100% control over the project and its outcome.

We're not just builders, we're advisors:

➡️ Real estate specialists in our sector

➡️ Wealth management

➡️ Investment

(Real estate, crypto assets, D.E.F.I, real estate tokenization, etc.)


Here's one of our many achievements,

the Tropical Paradise hotel on Manga Be beach,

on Nosy Be's most populated west coast.

This 200 sq meter beachfront hotel features

with 6 rooms,

reception and restaurant on the ground floor.....

Jovena Mall - Nosy Be

Located on Nosy Be's west road,

at the Jovena gas station,

this shopping center, with its own parking lot,

comprises 4 large commercial spaces

on 2 floors plus ground floor

for a total surface area of 734 sq meter

with a hotel, bar-restaurant etc...




We have a direct landowner file with whom we verify information and negotiate on your behalf.

If the land of your dreams is not in our files,

we'll look for it in Nosy Be and the surrounding area, according to your budget.

Land with sea view from €2 per square meter.

Seaside plots from €30 per square meter.

(These prices are indicative - the market is very volatile).

We take care of all the paperwork involved in acquiring your plot,

according to your profile and the status of the land and land status.➡️ 


For €550 per sq meter of living space (excluding land and pool):

✅Investment advice

✅Administrative management

✅2D and 3D plans

✅Purchase of materials


✅Site team management


✅Furniture and appliances ➡️


100 SQ METER FROM € 55.000

✅Autonomous solar system (excluding air conditioning and oven)

✅Jirama water and electricity connection (and/or well)

✅Janitor's hut and 24/24 security (6 months)

✅Gardening and gardener (6 months free)

Add €400 per sq meter for a hard outdoor pool.

Our non-negotiable rates are guaranteed until December 31, 2023.

We are contractually committed to respecting the stated rates, so that we can fit in with your budget without any additional expense.

This offer is valid for a villa of at least 80 sq meter living space.




4 years of study in construction and CAD in Mozambique.

Architect diploma in 2010

Since 2014;

Assistant to the technical director for the development of Hell Ville's irrigation system

Design and construction of several hotels on Nosy Be

Design of OMINO hospitals in Dzamandzar and Majunga

Design and construction of numerous villas and the JOVENA Diego Hely Mall.

His strengths: A thorough knowledge of real estate, the laws and customs of Nosy Be, and a large network of construction professionals over many years.

Cronos Coach 50 YEARS OLD FRENCH

State-certified coach since 1997

Serial Entrepreneur since 2002

Expatriate having lived in 5 different countries and 5 different islands in the Indian Ocean

Investor in crypto assets since 2017

Real estate investor since 2018

Founder of Paradise Square (real estate tokenization on the Cronos Chain)

Financial products advisor

His Assets: A passionate, efficient and insightful field advisor, understanding investors' wishes to better realize their projects.



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